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Since 2008 we have specialized in Stainless Steel refrets at reasonable prices. We do not do setups or general repairs unless associated with a refret. OUT of STATE Ship to us here


Specializing in

Stainless Steel Refrets

Celebrating our 10th year as the best in Stainless Steel Refrets, globally from Ireland to Australia, and all points in between!


We design and build S-style and T-style necks and the Original Aperio Neck Shims to correct pocket depth problems. We fret our necks with stainless exclusively and drill them for Sperzel, Kluson or Gotoh tuners.


Artists and Builds

Bill Hart has released his new Album, ‘Touch of Blue’. An amazing piece of Jazz Blues. Bill is a sought after player both in the US and internationally and he holds a Grammy nomination.  Oh, and he also plays an Aperio guitar!

Ron Damiani, a premier builder of 5E3 tube amps, demonstrates his amp’s fantastic tone with his custom build and stainless refret from Aperio Guitar.

Check out Ron. Awesome tone!

Anar was kind enough to make this video demo of the guitar we built to his specs. I must say it sounds good in his hands. Man can he play! Thanks Anar.

Greg, Quick note to let you know everything arrived today and looks and plays great. Very happy and you’ll be getting all my future fret jobs and will refer friends too. Thanks again!


It just got here today. You did an incredible job on the frets, you can’t even tell the neck was refretted. (Well besides for the fact that the frets now look new and shiny.) The ends of each fret are all smooth and snag free and the top of the frets are smooth and level. Thank you for such a great job, a quick turnaround and a great customer experience!! Being that I am so close, I’ll have to take a trip down there and thank you personally one of these days. Have a great day my friend!!!


Again, the quality of the work is great and I will recommend you if anyone comes to me with questions. Regards,


Hello, it came yesterday, it looks amazing, thank you very much. I swear I think it plays better than the day I bought it. I couldn’t be more happy with it. When I wear out my other Ibanez, I will get in touch with you, again, thank you so much.


After I got my strat neck back from you, I always knew I was going to have you do this as well, the strat plays so good, I couldn’t be more happy with that, and I know later on, I`ll be sending the other Ibanez neck to you as well. I don’t know if I sent you any business, but I tell everyone I know you are THE place to go to get a fret job. Also after having stainless frets, I don’t know why anyone would ever want anything else. Thank you for the pics, I know its in good hands.


Greg, I wouldn’t just say it, this is a real treat for me to have this guitar back in such fine shape. The action is exactly where I’m accustomed to. I’m thrilled to know it’ll be well set-up for a long time now with these new frets. I will recommend your service to anyone that listens.


Greg, Pleased to say Hofner arrived intact and well, despite traversing a snow storm. Took her to practice tonight and she plays like new. Better than new. Folks were very impressed with the refret/refresh. Somehow seems to make the pickups sing out even brighter than before. I found myself dialing back the tone pot, which I never did before. Pretty amazing for an inexpensive 70’s guitar! Thanks for the love and skill you put into her.


Hi Greg. I got back from my nearly 3 week trip last night, too late and too depleted to check out the guitar. I’ve spent the last half hour with it today, and it is just splendid! Your workmanship is incredible. The fit, and particularly the end finishing are just great, and that’s got to take a lot more effort with this material. The setup is spot on, and the playability is just fantastic. You live up to, and surpass, your messaging.


Unbelievable work here, sir. Just floored with the difference in playability. It’s rock solid tuning-wise, plays like an absolute dream, and I am just so excited to have it back. I tried to find fault, but kind of knew I wouldn’t. It’s like a brand new guitar in the best way. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for your transparency and your stellar work. It’s completely changed how I play/view this 335-S. Feels like it has new life and so many more years in it. I love it. I will only ever use you for re-frets, and I will do my best to spread the good word if anyone I know needs the same work done.


Hi Greg,
Well I’ve managed to play 4 gigs with the strat since I got it back on Monday… yes I do like very much. Getting used to the bigger frets was not that hard at all, slight adjustment but very good feel. Very easy to bend. Repair of the poly chip-out on neck… excellent. Thank you so much for smoothing that out. Awesome work. Would have to say I am very very satisfied with the guitar. This will continue to be my main workhorse guitar and best of all I won’t have to fight the frets anymore.

Very satisfied customer,

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