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 6100 stainless 110 x 057 (in stock)
 6150 stainless .104 x .047 (in stock)
 6105 stainless .095 x .047 (in stock)
 Other please contact me

Type of nut if needed:
 Graphtech NuBone or similar (no charge - recommended)
 Graphtech Tusq (+$15.00)
 Hand Fitted Bone (+$70.00)
 Other please contact me

String Gauge to setup neck/guitar with: (required)
 9 gauge set(included in refret)
 10 gauge set(included in refret)
 Other, I'll include them in package

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 Half Step Down
 Full Step Down

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 I will drop off locally by appointment only

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Instructions: Please Read

If you have not already spoken with us, call to discuss your refret first. If you get our answering machine leave a message and we’ll call you back! Or email us here to discuss it. Email works best as we get tons of spam calls and we often let the machine pick up.

Reservations are required. We prefer that you keep your guitar rather than us holding it at our shop for months waiting for a refret. If everyone stays on time we can hold the turnaround time at 1 to 2 weeks.

A 15.00 reservation deposit is required. This eliminates bad reservations that people don’t honor.  The deposit will be fully applied to your refret invoice. This helps insure only serious customers make reservations and keeps refret schedules timely for you and us.

If you’re local you must still make a reservation. Call or email us and we’ll set an appointment for close to your reservation date for you to drop off your guitar or neck at our home/shop address.

We do not accept payment until the work is completed. We take all major credit cards.

When you’re ready to commit to a stainless refret please fill out the form on the left or top.  If you want insurance on the return shipping, PLEASE PUT THE DOLLAR AMOUNT. You’ll be directed to a payment page for the deposit. If we don’t receive the deposit within 24 hours we will cancel your reservation.

>>>If you don’t receive an email check your spam folder and white list for emails from You will get some important emails as the time approaches concerning shipping and your reservation date. PLEASE check your emails!<<<

You will be sent an email with your reservation date and refret selections.

** 6-7 days before your reservation date ship your neck/guitar to this shipping address: **

Aperio Guitar LLC
722 Collins Hill Rd.
Suite H, Box 406
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

*** Make sure to include the tuners on your neck!

If you’re local and bringing your instrument over, here is our home/shop address:

1029 Oak Moss Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Package your neck or guitar ready for shipping, print a label with the carrier of your choice and attach it to the box. Remember to leave the machine heads and nut on the headstock.

With the reservation email you received from us please let us know that you have shipped your neck/guitar so we know it’s on the way. Please email us the tracking number too.

Tips on shipping:

When shipping Les Pauls or similar guitars with angled head stocks, loosen the strings to relieve tension on the head stock during shipping.

Insurance is the most expensive part of shipping components.  Many customers choose not to insure and some do- it is up to you. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU INSURE YOUR SHIPMENT. On rare occasion all shippers have been known to damage packages. Still, we’ve been very lucky through the years, so excessive insurance amounts are not necessary. Please put in the dollar amount if you choose to have it insured.

You DO NOT need “Signature Required” when shipping to us at the Collins Hill Rd. address. It is a UPS store and they sign for everything by default.  It will save you a few dollars on your shipping.

If we can return ship to your place of work you can avoid the Signature Required fee on return shipping if someone is available there to receive your package.

If we’re return shipping to your home address you may want to select Signature Required on the form unless you know you will be home. If you’re not home the carrier will leave your neck or guitar at your door without the Signature Required option.

We will add the return shipping cost to your invoice.

That’s all there is to it!

When we receive your neck or guitar:

When we receive your neck or guitar we will take pictures of it and contact you with a link to the pictures on Dropbox so you’ll know it is safe and sound.

If you shipped the complete guitar Greg will play and evaluate it to assure all features are functional. If he finds something is not working such as pickups, switches, controls or other items he will notify you and ask how you’d like to address the issues before starting the refret.

We will provide you with pictures of your neck being refretted when it makes the bench. Many people are interested to see their neck being refretted.

Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions.

Greg Hails