The definitive Crate V1512, Palomino V16 Cleanup Mod for less than a buck

The Mod Other Mods that are not necessary! A Very Cool Mod SPICE - Frequency response details Lets turn a pig into a princess for less than a dollar minus shipping charges. Really? It [...]

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Bowes 7 String Stainless Steel Refret

We don't post refret pictorials unless there is something special or unusual about the procedure or the guitar.  Recently we received a Bowes 7 string and the owner wanted a refret with 6100 stainless steel [...]

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What size fret wire should I use?

Customers ask me quite often what size stainless steel fret wire should they use. It takes  experience and talking with you the customer to decide. Lets get this out of the way to start. The [...]

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Les Paul Buzzing

A customer brought in a Les Paul and stated that it would buzz loudly in various circumstances. He tried to show me how and plugged it in. He said when it happens he could touch [...]

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1956 Gibson J45

We recently had this guitar in the shop for a stainless steel fret job. It's a real honor to work on these old guitars, especially one in as good shape as this was. We discovered [...]

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Aperio Jazzmaster

The latest guitar out of blocks of wood at Aperio is a Jazzmaster style custom build.  This beauty has real mother-of-pearl block inlays on the neck.  It has an alder body with authentic 50’s era [...]

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