How to make a neck


Many people ask how to make a neck because they want to build one themselves. I encourage that so I made a video. [...]

How to make a neck2019-06-04T15:06:54-04:00

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele


Mike Nix playing his Tele with Weston pickups. Mike decided to go with 6105 stainless steel frets and had the work done here [...]

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele2017-07-23T09:40:12-04:00

Aperio Guitar joins Georgia Prospers to defeat discrimination


Aperio Guitar is proud to join Georgiaprospers.org along with hundreds of other Georgia businesses, to defeat discrimination of ALL kinds in Georgia. Recently, [...]

Aperio Guitar joins Georgia Prospers to defeat discrimination2016-03-10T11:45:51-04:00

What About Fender Neck Heel Width?


We have seen a number of discussions on the forums concerning the heel width of Fender necks and what the corresponding width of [...]

What About Fender Neck Heel Width?2019-09-15T15:02:26-04:00

Stew Mac Flatters Aperio Guitar


In February 2015 we shipped an order of 10 Aperio neck shims to Jamie Arnett at 21 N Shafer St, Athens, OH 45701. [...]

Stew Mac Flatters Aperio Guitar2019-06-04T15:08:06-04:00

Setup Specs for the Do-it-yourselfer


People ask me this all the time and I got tired of writing it over and over again in every email I get [...]

Setup Specs for the Do-it-yourselfer2019-09-15T15:02:40-04:00
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