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Tele Walnut Control Plates are back!

Finally! After many months of upgrading our CNC we are starting back up. We decided to run the Tele control plates as our first exercise. They came out great and will give most any Tele a down to earth feel. Take a look we think you will like them you can find them here!        [...]

Tele Walnut Control Plates are back!2019-06-04T15:13:47-07:00

7.25″ radius necks and playability

Here is a question I get asked quite often so I though I would post it. "Can you refret my 7.25" radius neck and file the frets down flatter so I can play lead on it better?" The answer is yes with a couple caveats. Many people have 7.25" vintage radius necks and want [...]

7.25″ radius necks and playability2019-06-04T15:06:46-07:00

How to make a neck

Many people ask how to make a neck because they want to build one themselves. I encourage that so I made a video. It is incomplete but shows the steps needed to do it. Over time I will add the remaining steps to the video. When I began I made them 100% with hand tools [...]

How to make a neck2019-06-04T15:06:54-07:00

The definitive Crate V1512, Palomino V16 Cleanup Mod for less than a buck

The Mod Other Mods that are not necessary! A Very Cool Mod SPICE - Frequency response details Lets turn a pig into a princess for less than a dollar minus shipping charges. Really? It can be done! You need one capacitor that will cost you about 35 cents plus shipping. It's a shame Crate [...]

The definitive Crate V1512, Palomino V16 Cleanup Mod for less than a buck2019-06-04T15:07:03-07:00

Bowes 7 String Stainless Steel Refret

We don't post refret pictorials unless there is something special or unusual about the procedure or the guitar.  Recently we received a Bowes 7 string and the owner wanted a refret with 6100 stainless steel fret wire. A very good choice for this guitar. This guitar is light weight well balanced and the joinery work [...]

Bowes 7 String Stainless Steel Refret2019-06-04T15:07:10-07:00

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele

Mike Nix playing his Tele with Weston pickups. Mike decided to go with 6105 stainless steel frets and had the work done here at Aperio. It really makes for easy play as his video suggests. Some fine chops there Mike. Thanks.

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele2017-07-23T09:40:12-07:00

Les Paul Buzzing

A customer brought in a Les Paul and stated that it would buzz loudly in various circumstances. He tried to show me how and plugged it in. He said when it happens he could touch the strings or one of the pots in the control cavity and it would go away. I knew it was [...]

Les Paul Buzzing2019-06-04T15:07:39-07:00

Aperio Guitar joins Georgia Prospers to defeat discrimination

Aperio Guitar is proud to join Georgiaprospers.org along with hundreds of other Georgia businesses, to defeat discrimination of ALL kinds in Georgia. Recently, hard right so-called religious freedom bills were introduced in the Georgia legislature. These bills would have legalized discrimination against the LGBT community and could further be interpreted to discriminate against anyone that [...]

Aperio Guitar joins Georgia Prospers to defeat discrimination2016-03-10T11:45:51-07:00

What About Fender Neck Heel Width?

We have seen a number of discussions on the forums concerning the heel width of Fender necks and what the corresponding width of the pocket in the body is or should be.  So what is the official width of the Fender neck heel?  It is our opinion that it is 2-3/16" = 2.1875 = 55.5625mm. [...]

What About Fender Neck Heel Width?2019-06-04T15:07:47-07:00