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Ch-Ch Changes

For all you older rockers, yes I'm one too.  Here is a great article by Christian Wissmuller - actually it is his editorial of this month's MMR magazine. I think you will find it interesting on where the industry is at and where guitar is going. And saying goodbye to the icons that passed already [...]

Ch-Ch Changes2019-06-04T15:07:56-07:00

Stew Mac Flatters Aperio Guitar

In February 2015 we shipped an order of 10 Aperio neck shims to Jamie Arnett at 21 N Shafer St, Athens, OH 45701. There was something familiar about that address and we looked into it. The shipping and billing address was actually Stewart MacDonald's. Hmm. Excitement! Was Jamie ordering them for himself at Stew Mac's [...]

Stew Mac Flatters Aperio Guitar2019-06-04T15:08:06-07:00

UPS Shipping Price increase

Every couple of years UPS increases their prices or adds on surcharges that either a manufacturer- Service company like us has to eat or pass it on to the customer. UPS is the highest priced shipper at this point in time. FedEx and USPS cost less as a rule. Obviously that can change. USPS and [...]

UPS Shipping Price increase2019-06-04T15:08:16-07:00

Steven Tyler on copyrights and royalties

I just came across an article by Steven Tyler on Copyright. He advised Donald Trump to cease and desist in use of his music in his campaign. He went on to say that he and a group of other well known musicians have started what is essentially a lobbyist group to improve and fix copyright [...]

Steven Tyler on copyrights and royalties2015-10-14T09:34:00-07:00

The Business of Music

We have decided to start a blog titled 'The Business of Music'.  Music is a business. When I was young and more foolish I didn't think of that so much as I was all involved in the creation and engineering aspect. We all love to play and create but ultimately  it is a business. We [...]

The Business of Music2019-06-04T15:08:32-07:00

Aperio Discontinues Amazon Payments

Our current payment processor is Stripe and operates world wide. They are extremely secure and dependable. They are friendly to customers and small business alike. Stripe Merchant Collections We have decided to no longer accept payments via Amazon Advanced Payments. It was a feature we offered our customers who do business with Amazon or just [...]

Aperio Discontinues Amazon Payments2019-06-04T15:08:41-07:00

Setup Specs for the Do-it-yourselfer

People ask me this all the time and I got tired of writing it over and over again in every email I get about the topic, so here is how to measure a setup and what to expect whether you are building a guitar or just setting it up. Rule 1. If the frets are [...]

Setup Specs for the Do-it-yourselfer2019-06-04T15:08:52-07:00

1956 Gibson J45

We recently had this guitar in the shop for a stainless steel fret job. It's a real honor to work on these old guitars, especially one in as good shape as this was. We discovered after examination that the bridge plate was shot. It is owned by a professional keyboard player who played with John [...]

1956 Gibson J452016-05-03T18:08:01-07:00