Low E and A String Buzz – Updated

This is not totally inclusive of everything that applies or it would be three times as long. I [...]

Low E and A String Buzz – Updated2019-09-19T13:45:15-04:00

1968 ES335

This was a real treat to refret!  We don't get many of these and they are special when we do.  People [...]

1968 ES3352019-10-26T12:24:04-04:00

Schecter Refret

A fine Schecter in for a 6100 stainless steel refret and installation of face dots. A very satisfying job. [...]

Schecter Refret2019-10-20T21:13:20-04:00

Jackson Refret

Here is a Jackson refret. These are fine guitars and this refret came out very well.

Jackson Refret2019-10-20T21:06:25-04:00

Roasted Maple Refret

Many customers wanting a stainless steel refret done on their torrified or roasted maple necks have concerns about chipping and brittleness. No [...]

Roasted Maple Refret2019-10-20T20:51:50-04:00

Tele Walnut Control Plates are back!

Finally! After many months of upgrading our CNC we are starting back up. We decided to run the Tele control plates as [...]

Tele Walnut Control Plates are back!2019-09-13T23:54:48-04:00

7.25″ Radius Necks and Playability

Here is a question I get asked quite often so I though I would post it. "Can you refret my 7.25" radius [...]

7.25″ Radius Necks and Playability2019-09-19T19:13:29-04:00

How to make a neck

Many people ask how to make a neck because they want to build one themselves. I encourage that so I made a video. [...]

How to make a neck2019-06-04T15:06:54-04:00

The definitive Crate V1512, Palomino V16 Cleanup Mod for less than a buck

The Mod Other Mods that are not necessary! A Very Cool Mod SPICE - Frequency response details Let's turn a pig [...]

The definitive Crate V1512, Palomino V16 Cleanup Mod for less than a buck2019-10-26T11:03:02-04:00

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele

Mike Nix playing his Tele with Weston pickups. Mike decided to go with 6105 stainless steel frets and had the work done here [...]

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele2017-07-23T09:40:12-04:00
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