We have had a number of these projects come in recently, enough to call for making a permanent jig to rout with. These pups sound great. They are on the high side dollar wise but you get what you pay for these days. Noiseless and with the bite of real P90’s – they sound great.  Do some homework on them and you might decide you like them too. Everybody is talking P90’s these days.

To install them requires routing the neck pocket deeper on both Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls that already have existing P90’s installed. This is because the Kinman P90 Hx is thicker than a vintage P90 by design and requires a deeper pocket.

Here is a short video showing the process. It leaves out a lot of steps but you will get the idea of what has to happen. So, if you plan on installing Kinman P90’s we can do it as we have done a number of them and know the ins and outs of the process.