Rates and Services and FAQ’s

PLEASE READ – Our current shop rate is currently $45.00 per hour.  We specialize in Stainless Steel refrets of acoustics, electric guitars and basses. That is our main line of business. We do not do general repairs unless they are associated with a refret.  If you have a refret done we can do most anything else you need. Parts are extra and aside from pickups, parts in most cases are a small part of the cost. This is a general listing for comparison purposes and not a quote and we can do more than what is listed. Prices below are based on our hourly rate and the time we know it takes to do the repair.  Give us a call to talk more. See our custom work pricing and conditions here for further information.

We do not refret guitars with curved frets or guitars that do not have straight frets. In fact we advise against purchasing one in the event you ever need or desire it to be refretted with stainless steel. Stainless does not lend itself to refretting such guitars and guitars of that nature should be sent back to the manufacturer and good luck with that. They can be refretted with alloy at a higher cost but we only do stainless. Like many things in the guitar world the old adage ‘buyer beware’ applies here. An educated consumer is a smart consumer.

To make a reservation for a refret go here.

Refret Warranty:

Refrets are warrantied for 45 days including shipping costs from defects such as rising frets, fret sprout and excessive buzzing. All guitars buzz to some degree depending on how they are played and the setup, but excessive buzzing is not accepted. Setup issues are not covered. We are not perfect and have made mistakes but we stand behind all we do 100%. I take it personally if there is a problem with a refret just like I expect others to treat me when I am a customer. Our customers must be satisfied and that is rule one! And to date we have honored that 100%.

We do not offer warranty service after 45 days except on a case by case basis.

Parts are warrantied by the manufacturer. However, if we supply a part and it fails we will replace it and deal with the manufacturer so that you are taken care of.

We do repair refrets done by other people and shops by refretting. We have corrected a number of poorly done stainless refrets from other shops in Georgia and especially Tennesee as well other states.


We accept packages from all shippers to our shipping address. We are not responsible for any shipping damages that may occur and strongly suggest that insurance be taken out with your shipper to cover your shipment should any mishaps occur. You as the owner are fully responsible for collecting any insurance you may have with the shippers in the event of damage. We will assist you with documentation and/or pictures we may have.

Electric and Acoustic:

Stainless Steel REFRET-  $385.00 for 6 string guitars. 7 strings and more incur extra charges. $395.00 for 4 string basses. 5 string basses and above may incur additional charges. We do not include bass strings in the refret price, they are too expensive. We ask that you include a set in your shipment or we can order them for you at cost. All refrets include a new nut if needed, strings other than bass strings and a setup if you ship the complete guitar. Binding does not increase the cost. We glue as well as press your new frets for a superior fret job. You may need a new saddle which is extra on an acoustic. We DO NOT DO PARTIAL REFRETS.  Click here for expanded information on refretting.

Stainless steel is the best fret material. It lasts longer and plays far smoother. If you are a pro you already know this and will get 3 to 5 times the life out of stainless versus alloy. Most people will get a lifetime of service from stainless frets. You’ll save the cost of two to three or more refrets over your lifetime. Your sound will be excellent. And it is guaranteed.

Maple fret boards can add zero to 200.00 to cost if it has to be refinished depending on your requests. This is extremely rare.

SET UP –  This is included in a refret. 

BONE NUT – $70.  A Graphtech Nubone or equivalent nut is included in the refret price if it is needed.  A bone nut is extra because of material cost and the time it takes to make one from a blank. If your guitar has worn frets, a bowed neck, or an ill-fitting saddle, expect additional cost to correct these problems. I cannot install a new nut if other problems exist and are not also addressed. (12 string – add $45.00)

REPLACE TUNERS- $25 and up with a refret, plus the cost of tuners or you can supply them. This seems like a simple job, but can be fraught with nuanced complications.

FRET LEVELING –  This is included in a refret.

DIAGNOSE ELECTRICAL PROBLEM Bench charge – $45.00 minimum to diagnose with a refret. This will be applied to repair.

REPLACE JACK- $35.00 to $45.00 with a refret, parts extra.

REPLACE PICKUPS- $25.00 and up with a refret. We can order or you can supply pickups.

REPLACE VOLUME/TONE POT- $25.00 and up with a refret plus parts.

REPLACE SWITCH- $35.00 and up with a refret plus parts.

NEW SADDLE- $45.00 to $100.00 with a refret, plus materials.

RE-GLUE BRIDGE- $100.00 to $150.00 with a refret. Remove and refit old bridge.

REPLACE BRIDGE- $100.00 to $250.00 with a refret plus materials.

BRIDGE PLATE REPAIR – $75.00 to $200.00 with a refret.

HANDMADE BRIDGE- $250.00 and up, by quote. Installation extra. Handmade bridges may be necessary for vintage Gibson, Martin, Guild, and custom bridge replacements. We can design them in CAD and cut them on our CNC machine. Stock bridges on lesser guitars will come in much cheaper.

FRET LEVELING (“Filing”, “Dressing”…) – included in a refret. We do not do fret leveling as a stand alone service.