Refret Pricing

We charge $385 for a 6 string stainless steel refret, with binding or without!  This includes a Graphtech or similar polymer nut if needed and strings. A hand cut bone nut is an extra $80 to cut and fit it from a blank. You pay the shipping both ways. A four or five string bass is $395.00 and includes a nut but does not include strings.  Here it is in a nutshell.

We only do stainless and have done close to 500 documented stainless refrets, plus more if you include necks that we’ve made. We’re a small shop and Greg does all refrets himself.  We have the experience, do quality work and guarantee it.  Read our testimonials page!  You can ship the complete guitar or just the neck if it is a bolt-on.  Instructions on shipping are here.

We set up necks or guitars with Martin Darco 9’s or 10’s and include them in the price. We’re unable to stock all the brands of strings out there, so if you have a preference for other strings you can include them in your shipment or we’ll purchase them for you at the additional cost of the strings. Bass strings are not included in the refret price due to their expense. You can include a set in your shipment or we can order them for you at cost.

We charge 2/3 to 1/2 of what some shops charge because stainless is all we do and we know how to do it better than anybody.  One quote from a customer who called Nashville shops was $800!  That’s why he drove here from Nashville with a few guitars.

We glue as well as press in the frets and this is important. Ask other shops if they do this – most do not.  If they don’t, then don’t use them. If a shop complains about tools wearing out, look for the exit door. They are not qualified.

Again, stainless steel refrets are $385.00 for six string guitars complete with binding or without, plus shipping both ways.  Seven strings and above are extra.  This includes a Graphtech or polymer nut if needed, strings and setup. You may or may not need a new nut with bigger fret wire.

Acoustics may need a new saddle if larger fret wire is installed.  This is an extra charge.

This is important! A maple fret board can add another $60 to $200 to the cost IF it needs re-finishing as a result of leveling.  95% of the time this is NOT required but we would talk before that work is done.  In these rare cases, customers often opt to leave it be and let it take on a relic look over time.

We stock stainless steel 6100– .110 x .057,  6150– .104 x .047, and 6105– .095 x .047.

If asked I will most always recommend .110 x .057 (the 6100) for electrics.  Many prefer 6150 as it’s closer to Fender Jumbo and a tiny bit smaller than 6100.

6105 approaches a vintage electric wire in width but is taller and more comfortable.

We also carry .043 x .080 and is generally for Taylor acoustics and any other acoustic player that wants it.

Leveling removes up to .005 of whatever wire is selected.

Shimming of a Floyd nut is included in the refret price. Lowering a Floyd nut by removing shelf wood is not included in the price.

Turn around time is usually 1-2 weeks upon receipt of the neck or guitar depending on my work load in the shop.

Customers ask us if we Plek their necks or guitars. We do not and here is why- Pleks are production machines that were made for unskilled labor and volume. We are intentionally a small shop and hand level our fret work and we are very good at it. A Plek machine is meant for large volume shops that do not have the skill on staff or time to fret level properly. They do a good job when programmed and operated correctly but they are not a substitute for a knowledgeable Luthier.

We can do other repairs or installations at additional charges if they are accompanied with a refret- electronics, tuners, etc. We do not do finishing work.

If interested, please email for specifics and I can tell more accurately what has to be done and the cost.

There is a more detailed explanation of the process here.