Shipping Instructions

Return Address Form

6100 stainless .110 x .057 (in stock)6150 stainless .104 x .047 (in stock)6105 stainless .095 x .047 (in stock)Other please contact me

9 gauge set(included in refret)10 gauge set(included in refret)Other, I'll include them in package

Yes I want insurance on my return shippingI do not want insurance on my return shipping

Yes I want signature required when my neck is returned to meNo I do not want signature required when my neck is returned to me

When you are ready to ship your neck please do the following;

Ship your neck or guitar to this address and fill out the form on the left.

Aperio Guitar LLC
11877 Douglas Road
Suite 102-184
Johns Creek, GA 30005

We do not accept payment until the work is completed. We take all major credit cards.

1. If you haven’t already done so please contact us by email or phone to discuss your needs for your guitar or neck.

2. Package your neck or guitar ready for shipping, print a label with the carrier of your choice and attach it to the box.

3. Fill out the Return Shipping Form to the left.  Send it and we will send you a copy of it. It is important for us to know the return shipping information to prepare your invoice when we have finished your refret. Also to have a record of the fret wire size if we discussed it.

Tips on shipping:

The form on the left is for our return Shipping to You and your fret selection if you know it. If not we will discuss it.

Do not select Signature Required with your carrier when you ship to us. It is an unnecessary expense for you. All packages are signed for when they are delivered to us.

Insurance is the most expensive part of shipping. Many customers choose not to insure and some do- it is up to you.

If we can return ship to your place of work or business you can avoid the Signature Required fee on return shipping if someone is usually available at your place of work to receive your package.

If we are return shipping to your home address you should select Signature Required on the form unless you know you will be home. If you are not at home the carrier will leave your neck or guitar at your door without the Signature Required option.

That’s all there is to it!

When we receive your neck:

When we receive your neck we will take pictures of it and contact you with a link to the pictures on Dropbox so you will know it is safe and sound. We will provide you with pictures of your neck being refretted when it makes the bench. Many people are interested to see their neck being refretted.

Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions.

Greg Hails