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Since 2008 we have specialized in Stainless Steel refrets at reasonable prices. We do not do setups or general repairs unless associated with a refret. OUT of STATE Ship to us here


Specializing in

Stainless Steel Refrets

Celebrating our 10th year as the best in Stainless Steel Refrets, globally from Ireland to Australia, and all points in between!


We design and build S-style and T-style necks and the Original Aperio Neck Shims to correct pocket depth problems. We fret our necks with stainless exclusively and drill them for Sperzel, Kluson or Gotoh tuners.

Artists and Builds

Bill Hart has released his new Album, ‘Touch of Blue’. An amazing piece of Jazz Blues. Bill is a sought after player both in the US and internationally and he holds a Grammy nomination.  Oh, and he also plays an Aperio guitar!

Ron Damiani, a premier builder of 5E3 tube amps, demonstrates his amp’s fantastic tone with his custom build and stainless refret from Aperio Guitar.

Check out Ron. Awesome tone!

Anar was kind enough to make this video demo of the guitar we built to his specs. I must say it sounds good in his hands. Man can he play! Thanks Anar.