Anar Isayev played to the House of Representitives in Washington, DC. Anar was traveling at the request of the President of Azerbaijan. He is playing a custom guitar from Aperio Guitar!

Anar was kind enough to make this video demo of the guitar we built to his specs. I must say it sounds good in his hands. Thanks Anar.

Crate V32 Foot Switch

October 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

This has nothing to do with stainless steel refrets or guitar repair. But it will be useful to some. I have a Crate V32 which are little diamonds. Crate built some fine tube amps in [...]

1960 Gibson ES330 Refret

September 20th, 2015|0 Comments

Wow, what a guitar! I owned one of these back in the day, cherry red, and lost it in a foolish Marshall amp trade and then sold the head before the boomers turned them into [...]

1956 Gibson J45

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We recently had this guitar in the shop for a refret. It's a real honor to work on these old guitars, especially one in as good shape as this was. We discovered after examination that [...]

Aperio Jazzmaster

September 20th, 2015|0 Comments

The latest guitar out of blocks of wood at Aperio is a Jazzmaster style custom build.  This beauty has real mother-of-pearl block inlays on the neck.  It has an alder body with authentic 50’s era [...]

UPS Shipping Price increase

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Every couple of years UPS increases their prices or adds on surcharges [...]

Steven Tyler on copyrights and royalties

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The Business of Music

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We have decided to start a blog titled 'The Business of Music'.  [...]

Aperio Discontinues Amazon Payments

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Our current payment processor is Stripe and operates world wide. They are [...]

Really good service. Timely delivery and very knowledgeable. Thanks for your work. My Strat plays better than it ever did
MC - Ohio
You did a FANTASTIC JOB! We got the Martin D18 out, tuned it up, and it sounds GREAT! The attention to detail – especially considering the stainless steel aspect – is amazing. They look good enough to be factory – actually I take that back: better than factory, since they are bigger and shinier and nicer than factory, and sound just great.

The D18 is now seeing some revised interest in our home. Thanks a ton! G.

George - Michigan
You did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be more pleased………the setup was perfect. Thanks again
David - Florida
Just wanted to say great job. I love the new stainless frets and restoration work on the finger board is really nicely done.
You returned a timeless beauty to me!
Thanks for everything!
I think you did an absolutely incredible job and you really helped me create something that is a joy to play every time I pick it up. Thanks so much for contributing to inspiration. I can’t wait to come up with the next excuse to have you work on something else! Keep building!
The guitar is playing sooooo great and everything is gravy. Thanks soooooooo much for all of your hard work and efforts. You did an amazing job and your customer service is top notch sir. :) If there is a testimonial or something you ever want me to fill out for your website let me know and I’ll do it. Hope everything is well and in good health your way and stays that way.
JE - Georgia