The latest guitar out of blocks of wood at Aperio is a Jazzmaster style custom build.  This beauty has real mother-of-pearl block inlays on the neck.  It has an alder body with authentic 50’s era Lake Placid Blue paint by PPG. Painted head stock to match.  Maple neck with binding and 6100 stainless steel frets.  No fake junk at Aperio!  The neck pocket was cut to properly work with a modern neck, meaning it had to be cut shallower than a Strat or Tele style body to work properly with the Mastery Bridge- the best bridge and tremolo on the market for a Jazzmaster style guitar.  Tuners are Sperzel staggered and locking for superior performance.  Slipping is not an issue and stability is rock solid.  The neck is finished with our own custom finish mix to provide a vintage look with a modern non stick surface.  This guitar is built for playing, not as a show piece, although it could be used for either one.  Pickups are Lollar, one of the best in the business.  Volume and tone controls are 250K for the perfect combination of highs and lows.  This guitar is a ‘Smooth Operator’ and can do it all.  Jazz, blues, rock, even country is not issue.  The Mastery bridge solves all the inherent design problems of the original Jazzmaster®.  Two step bending is not a problem on this guitar.

Guitars of this caliber are fully custom.  The neck and body are both built in house.  Finish is also by Aperio.  When you are ready to step beyond mass produced commercial guitars please give us a call.  An artist’s music is original.  Shouldn’t your instrument be also?

Here are a few pics from the neck build

And finally some pics from the body build

When you are ready for something unique and ready to take the leap away from the crowd of corporate guitars, give us a call and let’s make something happen!