Ship Us Your Neck or Guitar for a Refret!2017-10-30T17:34:13+00:00

Do you need a stainless steel refret on your electric, acoustic or bass?  Do you want the best stainless steel refret, guaranteed?  You can have it. Ship us your bolt-on neck or whole guitar and we will refret it and ship it back to you.  We do not add extra fees to return shipping. Whatever it cost you to ship it here, it will cost you the same or less to get it back. The US Postal Service has triangular tube boxes that are the perfect size for a bolt-on electric neck and they are FREE. These boxes can be ordered from the USPS website and will be shipped to you from the Postal Service FREE. What a country!


Some local post offices also have them on hand to pick up. It should cost you between $9.00 – $15.00 to ship depending on where you are. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE OUR SHIPPING ADDRESS:  Aperio Guitar, 11877 Douglas Rd. Suite 102-184, Johns Creek, GA  30005-4325


You might want to pay for insurance!

When shipping a neck make sure to include the machine heads- leave them on the headstock, and the nut so we can set your neck up in our jig. Please make sure to wrap your neck very well in layers of bubble wrap or a lot of crumbled newspaper or brown craft paper. It should float in the center of the tube with lots of cushioning so it does not move around or rattle. Also make sure there is enough cushioning at both ends of the neck. Mark the box as Fragile on all sides.

Please note that you are responsible for shipping charges to and from Aperio but we add no additional charges or hidden fees for return shipping. When we receive your neck we’ll create an open invoice and advise you of the invoice number.  We will not bill you or ask for payment until the work is complete.  PLEASE NOTE: These tube boxes are 2-sided- red for Priority Mail and blue for Priority Mail Express. Express is almost 4x the cost of regular Priority to ship, so we recommend using the RED side, Priority Mail, to save some money.

Give us a call (678-475-9688) or send us an email ( before shipping so we can expect your neck or guitar and discuss your refret needs (fret wire size, etc.)
Here again is the link to order the boxes: USPS Neck Boxes