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Solid hard maple .040 ±.005 (1mm ±.08mm) thick neck shim for Strat or Tele bodies whose neck pocket is 11/16 deep. These wood shims are cut on a CNC to insure they fit the neck pocket and the bolt holes align properly. Using this shim will allow you to use an OEM neck such as ours or others on Fender bodies that have this deeper neck pocket. You are no longer stuck using a Fender neck.

These are also good for raising or adjusting the tilt in a neck that is too low or has a bad angle in relation to the bridge.

Many ask if the shims are tapered and they are not. Rarely, if at all, is a taper needed to correct a saddle adjustment problem. It’s a myth that was caused by Fender and others stuffing a 1/4″ wide piece of cardboard under the heel to correct manufacturing problems. This made everyone believe the shim needed to be tapered. Every guitar is different and the angle needed to correct a problem with the neck and pocket is different. How would you know what angle you even need without doing the math? There is no need. When you examine the geometry it becomes simple. Just by raising the neck straight up by .040 solves two problems- one is the saddle height adjustment problem and two is the pick guard clearance issue described in detail here concerning OEM necks and Fender bodies. For a Tele or Strat style bridge this lift will provide the height for the saddles to then have the proper adjustment range. It’s that simple. And of course the shim gives full and tight contact between the heel and pocket. We’ve sold our shims to players in over 20 countries across the globe- from Italy to Croatia, and all are happy with them!

So, if you have a neck you like but it won’t fit a Fender body without cutting the pick guard off or the neck angle is wrong, here is your solution. It provides perfect wood to wood coupling for tone transfer exactly as if the neck was .790 thick from the neck to the body. We use them all the time and play our favorite necks on Fender bodies!  Made in the USA in our shop, not in a China labor pool!  See our Faq’s here for detailed info.

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Dimensions2.987 × 2.170 × .040 in

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  1. skydog (verified owner)

    These things work great. They are just the right size to raise my neck up and get a pick guard under it. Thanks

  2. Greg Hails (verified owner)

    They really did correct the neck fit on my Strat body. Thanks Aperio!

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