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Pick Pocket-Stash Pocket for picks or a million other things.

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For the guys and gals that have everything you don’t have one of these!

S-style Pick pocket for rockers, blusers, grungers, popers and just plain ole strummers or Coloradians and a few other states. Finely crafted from Alder just like your guitar. In fact it’s the same wood we make our Alder guitar bodies from. They are machined on the same CNC we make our guitars on. And they have a nice top to keep the bugs out of what ever you have in them!

Finally a place to keep those dastardly picks from getting lost! Or stash those things you need access to! :) Put it all in the pick pocket. Right next to your studio chair. Use another on your bench for little parts. Put one on your store counter for a penny jar. A million uses!

And they come with 10 thick, .91mm Aperio Guitar picks! You can’t beat that!

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