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7.25″ Radius Necks and Playability


Here is a question I get asked quite often so I though I would post it. "Can you refret my 7.25" radius [...]

7.25″ Radius Necks and Playability2019-09-19T19:13:29-04:00

What About Fender Neck Heel Width?


We have seen a number of discussions on the forums concerning the heel width of Fender necks and what the corresponding width of [...]

What About Fender Neck Heel Width?2019-09-15T15:02:26-04:00

Setup Specs for the Do-it-yourselfer


People ask me this all the time and I got tired of writing it over and over again in every email I get [...]

Setup Specs for the Do-it-yourselfer2019-09-15T15:02:40-04:00

Change the Radius or Buy a New Neck?


Another interesting customer question concerning a stainless steel refret and changing the radius of a Fender neck. This customer said she did [...]

Change the Radius or Buy a New Neck?2019-09-15T15:05:18-04:00

Necks Fitting Bodies


This is a good one. I see lots of different guitars from home made Warmoths to boutique Andersons and Suhrs. But mostly [...]

Necks Fitting Bodies2019-09-15T15:05:40-04:00

Should I Build a Guitar?


A good question to ask yourself and my answer is YES! I have my own views and below is what my customers have [...]

Should I Build a Guitar?2019-09-15T15:06:02-04:00
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