To our surprise we’re seeing a lot of use out there for our neck shims!  Along with many states across the US, our neck shims have gone to Italy, UK, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Australia, France, Japan, Singapore, Croatia, Belgium, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Canada and more.  We have the best shipping prices of any vendor on them.  These neck shims were developed to fill a hole, so to speak, in neck pockets that don’t match necks.  We get a lot of bodies and necks in the shop that just don’t fit right because the neck pocket is too deep.  The neck shim works for guitars that have saddle angle problems. Even some our own major vendor purchased guitars have the problem.  We’ve done a big write up here.  You can purchase them here.  A quick explanation- some neck pockets are too deep for aftermarket necks like Warmoth, our own Aperio necks and others. It’s not a fault of the neck builders, it is inconsistency in the industry and the big players are guilty of it.  So we are pleased to offer these.  Our neck shims fit Jazzmasters, Strats, Teles and most any guitar. In addition, we make neck shims for Jazz Bass. They also fit Squires. Should you have any questions about them give us a call. If we don’t answer be sure to leave a message and we will always call you back; we might be in the shop and can’t get to the phone immediately.  You can also send us an email at

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