Notice of Hours and Price increase

Sabbatical – We will not be accepting refrets from Nov.15,2021 to Jan.7,2022. We have been extremely busy and are taking a sabbatical for the month of December. The cutoff of Nov,15 will allow us to wrap up refrets we have in the shop at that time. All refrets in our shop during that time will be completed on the normal schedule. We will resume business as usual Jan 8, 2022.

Effective Jan 1,2022 our base refret price will increase to 385.00. We have held the line for three years as the cost of fret wire, tools, nuts and supplies have all risen. We can no longer absorb all the price increases and must raise our price to remain competitive and profitable. This is a minimal increase and will help offset some of these external price increases.

Aperio Guitar LLC as an established business will remain the price/service leader for stainless refrets in the guitar service industry