We got so busy, we were holding customer guitars for months at a time as they were waiting for their turn on the refret bench. This wasn’t fair to the customers or to us. The customers had to live without their favorite guitar for these months and we had to store it and be responsible for that storage. It was not a good situation for any of us or for any shop. Some of the bigger shops in Nashville have wait times of 6 months or more. We’ve heard of other shops that hold necks and guitars for up to a year. It’s crazy. So we implemented a reservation system like some other successful refret service shops. Now when we receive your neck or guitar by the expected reservation date we can turn it around to you in 1 to 2 weeks. And most often it is 1 week. A delay may happen if we need to order a part or if we don’t get your neck or guitar by the reservation date. Reservations are great for all and generate lots of smiles. So get your reservation as soon as you can.

We apply your deposit to the invoice so you don’t lose any money. If you fail to get the refret we typically do not issue refunds unless there is an exceptional reason, because the period of time we could have used for another customer is now gone. But we do understand things sometimes happen beyond your control and we may issue a refund.  Just keep in communication with us.  It keeps everyone honest and prevents false reservations, just like in vacation hotels.