Necks made from torrified or roasted wood as the marketing people call it are prone to chipping. This is because the wood has absolutely no moisture in it. As the name implies, it is roasted like peanuts until bone dry and the sugars are hard. The result is a crispy crunchy piece of wood. When old frets are extracted, the barbs on the fret tang pull up on the surface of the fret board, chipping it out when they are removed. This is normal with all fret board types but with roasted wood it is particularly brittle and at times troublesome with large chips.

The chip out is repaired as with any refret but because of the nature of the torrified wood the repairs are visible.

To counteract these problems, we have developed our own techniques and modified certain tools to a point where this chipping is minimized but not eliminated. Often there is no trouble. It can still occur so please be aware of that, but you would not want to have a refret done by anyone who is not confident or familiar in working with roasted wood.