Often when refretting especially with larger fret wire the nut will need replacing. When it does unless specified in the order at our discretion we will use a nut made from either Nubone© or Tusq© which is the same material, a nut made from Graphite impregnated with Teflon for its low friction characteristics or in some cases bone. The decision is made at the time of refretting and based on a number of factors such as availability, premade fit, color and aesthetics of the guitar. In most but not all cases there is no additional charge for a nut, it is included as part of the refret. If the guitar does not need a new nut we DO NOT replace the existing one if it is bone or one of the above types unless requested otherwise.

If a particular nut is requested and we do not stock it then a charge will be applied to the refret to obtain that nut. If a synthetic nut has to be custom made from a slab of material then a 70.00 charge will be applied to the price of the refret to cover fabrication and fitting of the nut. When a bone nut is specifically requested an additional 70.00 charge is applied for fabrication and fitting.

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