We have put our building necks and bodies on hold since the beginning of the pandemic. We have had a large increase in our refret business since then and do not have the time for building as it is more time consuming and less profitable. We enjoy building and may re-enter it one day but for now our business has led us into re-fretting exclusively.

I’ve made everything from Hookah tables to wooden boats and obviously guitars. The question to ask yourself is “can I afford it”?
I get requests quite often, but many people think they can get a $5000 custom guitar for $400 if they shop around and that is just not reality. If you are serious, I must have a phone call with you to talk it over. I cannot respond to emails requesting full blown project estimates. Custom work is just too involved. Deposits are required on custom work of any type. This is because estimates and quotes take time, and the design and build is expensive and time consuming for one off projects.