** We have placed our body building on hold as we bring our necks to market. We should be back in production of bodies in 5 to 6 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We build our own beautiful unfinished T-style and Jazz Master bodies!  Our bodies are expertly crafted from Alder or Southern Yellow Pine and capped with select Radiata Pine.  Our custom cap press can apply up to 12 tons of pressure to insure even joining.  They are drilled and fully routed.  Two versions are available, one with body tapers and standard without.  They need final sanding and finishing.  Neck pockets are routed for standard 2-3/16″ heels, 2.187 to 2.193 inches.  Pocket depth is 5/8″.

If you have wood that you wish a body to be made from please contact us as we can do that too!  For a T-style body there must be enough to make a 1-3/4″ thick by 13 x 18 inch finished slab.  You can go as thin as 1-1/2″ finished. Finished means after surface planing and sanding, so it must be a bit thicker than the final dimensions mentioned above.  However, laminating is an option also if your wood is not that thick.  That’s what Leo did back in the day!  Don’t believe all the hype.  Just call or email and we’ll discuss it.