The band director at one of the local elementary schools needed a pickup installed in the band’s Epiphone 12-string. It is a fairly simple operation and for those that want to do it yourself, these photos might help if you have never done it or are not experienced with wood working. If you have any doubts do not try it though, because you can destroy the guitar by drilling the tail block if you don’t understand what the tools are doing. I never seem to get the final pictures of the guitars after I work on them! Oh well, on to the next one!

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OK, about drilling that hole. There are many ways to do it or at least two. You could use a reamer and twist and twist and you would have a cone shaped hole. And then file it out and all the gnashing of teeth that goes on with that. That’s what the traditionalist would tell you to do but they won’t do it that way, they’ll do it my way when you are not looking. And besides, that won’t work well if the tail block is very deep. Now, you can do what I did. You need a SLOW speed cordless drill and a full set of drill bits. Like this. Now find one the size of the existing hole on the tail block. Then select the one two sizes up from that. Chuck it in the drill. Put the drill in reverse and drill the hole 3/4 of the way in. Yes, it will drill backwards and surprisingly smooth too! Stop there and leave the bit in the hole and flip the switch to forward. If you go all the way through backwards you will punch through the back side making a mess of the tail block inside the guitar. Now you MUST control the drill by just pulling back on it with some muscle. Make sure the guitar WILL NOT MOVE in it’s clamp. SLOWLY(do not pull the trigger very far) drill forward until the drill bit goes all the way through. Repeat this procedure for every bit in the box. It doesn’t take as long as you think. And don’t think you can skip any bits because you can’t- you will find out why if you try to. But when you get around the 1/4″ bit and larger you best be very careful in controlling that drill or you’ll be bringing your guitar to me to repair the giant bungled hole you put in it, or putting it in the trash can. lol