Wow, this is a cool guitar from back in the day. The first time I saw it I wanted to put my headband back on, wear some bell bottoms and shoot peace signs all over the place. But disco was coming on the scene about the time this guitar was born so maybe that would not have been the thing to do. I digress. This is a way cool guitar. It had a couple of issues. The frets were worn but the previous owner or previous to that glued the neck on! It is supposed to be a bolt on but I was not about to pry it off so I just did the work like a Les Paul. It has active pickups and uses two 9 volts because back in the day things were not as power efficient as they are now. But the neat thing is you can get any kind of sound out of it. From Hendrix to Jazz! Stainless steel frets have made a big difference and this guitar is a real player now.