This is an old and classic Epiphone. It has been played a lot and it sounds very good but like all older guitars it needs a little TLC. The bridge was lifting, the top was bowed up and the action was very high. I haven’t posted new repairs in a long time but I thought this one should be posted. It is a great candidate for a JLD Bridge system. I have used the JLD on other guitars and it helped, but didn’t help enough in my opinion. But with the bow you can see in the top of this one it should make a big improvement.

Believe it or not, this guitar has a bolt on neck! I’ll post pics of it later as this repair is still in process. I like Taylor guitars and I believe Mr. Taylor perfected the bolt on neck but after seeing this I have to say that Epiphone may have been one of the first to experiment with the concept on acoustic guitars.

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