General Faq category for Aperio stainless refretting

Frets, Fret Ends and fitting


When a guitar is refretted, careful attention must be given to the ends of the frets so there are no sharp corners [...]

Frets, Fret Ends and fitting2022-12-28T14:53:07-04:00

Nuts and refretting


Often when refretting especially with larger fret wire the nut will need replacing. When it does unless specified in the order at [...]

Nuts and refretting2022-12-28T15:29:51-04:00

Plek’s and Refret’s


Customer asks us if we Plek their necks or guitars and we do not and here is why. Plek's are production machines that [...]

Plek’s and Refret’s2022-12-28T14:53:23-04:00

Finish problems with refrets


Lets face the facts. Refretting a guitar is the equivalent of open heart surgery to a guitar. You are going in and [...]

Finish problems with refrets2022-12-28T14:53:30-04:00

Compound radius neck refretting


Compound radius necks are made on a machine. Typically the machine is a swinging arm with pivots at 16" on one end [...]

Compound radius neck refretting2022-12-28T14:53:37-04:00

Roasted necks and refretting


Necks made from torrified or roasted wood as the marketing people call it are prone to chipping. This is because the wood [...]

Roasted necks and refretting2023-01-23T14:33:10-04:00
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