We are more efficient and do not have the overhead of a retail shop so we can offer a fair price. If you go to the site of the biggest online reseller of Fender necks, you will see roasted maple necks for over $1,000. That is absurd. I got an email from them as I was writing this post that a ’59 roasted maple neck can be had for the fantastic price of $1100.00!  People will pay it, so hats off to the biggest distributor on the web. They are paying for a brand name.  A retail shop has to pay salaries to employees and in addition they have to provide a retail location and all the expenses that go with it. We are a small family business and operate from our home, so our expenses are lower. It is just the two of us. We do all the CAD, CAM, CNC, and web programming, database for accounting, networking, mechanical and electronics mods. My wife Bette is the bookkeeper and she works for free!  We do our own in-house tooling design for our necks and bodies. This all saves money for internal operations of a small business and that savings is passed along to you in comparatively lower prices. With that said, many retail shops that offer refrets charge astronomical prices because they can. Nashville is a good example. Business is often what the market will bear. Other retail shops with lower prices use service as a loss leader to get customers in, then attempt to upsell them on their products.

We tie our pricing to the economy, working people and the time it takes to do a refret or build a neck for a reasonable return.  Our prices may go up but we try to keep them as low as possible.