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A Better Mod for Cool Cat Vibe

I was looking for a univibe recently and my research led me to Danelectro’s Cool Cat Vibe. While not a univibe, it is a lot cheaper and gets the job done for me. However, […]

Atlanta Institute of Music

Atlanta Institute of Music is the best school in the Atlanta area to study guitar, bass, drums, or engineering. If you really want to learn to play or if you are playing but don't know why you play or what you play, then look into an education at AIM. Players that study here understand modes [...]

A Classic Epi and Bridge Repair

This is an old and classic Epiphone. It has been played a lot and it sounds very good but like all older guitars it needs a little TLC. The bridge was lifting, the top was bowed up and the action was very high. […]

Repairing a Squier Strat

© Aperio Guitar, 4/10/09; Photos by GH, 4/07/09 When you have a lemon make lemonade! […]

Filling a Nut Slot

My Pickup Winder


Restoring a 1996 G&L SB-2 American Bass


Repairing a 1974 Guild D25

A nice old D25 gets some TLC […]

Franken Strat

Almost useless and resurrected. […]

1983 Washburn Bridge Plate Repair

This is a 27 year old Washburn model D62SW12. The serial number indicates it was most likely 1983, but Washburn has some discrepancies in their system so it could be older. This was one of Washburn’s flagship guitars back in the day. […]