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Jackson USA Soloist Restore

I recently received a Jackson Soloist USA vintage 86 that had been carved up pretty badly. The pickup cavities had been hand routed for Humbuckers. The original guitar had three single coils. The owner wanted it restored to it's original configuration. This was an opportunity to use the CNC and do a little carving. I [...]

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Change the Radius or Buy a New Neck?

Another interesting customer question concerning a stainless steel refret and changing the radius of a Fender neck. This customer said she did not like the 7.5 radius on her Fender Vintage neck and wanted to know what I would charge to refret with Stainless Steel and change the radius to 9.5".  I told her that [...]

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Gibson B25 Kicks Butt

I just had a customer bring in a Gibson B25, about a 1966.  These guitars are bad to the bone. It needed extensive repair. The nut was bad, the saddle was bad, the frets were worn out and the bridge plate needed MAJOR repair or replacement. So we did a refret with 6105 stainless steel [...]

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October Refret Promotion Success!

My thanks to all who participated in the October Stainless Steel refret special. As many of you know I still have your work in the shop to complete. I did not realize the amount of people that needed refrets out there. It just shows that a lot of people are playing guitar heavily in spite [...]

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Necks Fitting Bodies

This is a good one. I see lots of different guitars from home made Warmoths to boutique Andersons and Suhrs. But mostly by a large margin I see Fenders. Just because they are the most popular and largest producer in the US. Not the world- that honor goes to some Korean and Chinese manufacturers that [...]

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Low E and A String Buzz – UpDated

This is not totally inclusive of everything that applies or it would be three times as long. I rewrote this to try and shorten it but give you what you need to know and specifics about diagnosing it.  Many people have guitars that suffer from low E and A string buzz, and I include myself. [...]

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Aperio Fall Stainless Steel Refret Special!

GET READY FOR YOUR HOLIDAY GIGS WITH OUR FALL STAINLESS STEEL REFRET SPECIAL! Only $280* (regularly $320-340) Offer good through October 31, 2013 Ship us your neck Details Here! What's Included: ~Electrics Only ~6100 or 6105 Stainless Steel Fretwire ~Set-Up ~Graphite Nut if Needed ~Bulk Strings (or bring your own) ~Bound or Unbound Necks *The [...]

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Should I Build a Guitar?

A good question to ask yourself and my answer is YES! I have my own views and below is what my customers have told me in the order most told to me. 1. I don’t want a commercial guitar everybody has one, I want something different. 2. I want a particular concept and it’s not [...]

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Stereo Amps and Isolation Transformers

I have an old amp I bought back in the day, a Crate TD50-C I was thinking of donating because it is not worth more than $50 to $100. It has a great clean channel as a Google search will attest to. It occurred to me that I could use it as a stereo amp [...]

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Fret Job – Pressing and Gluing Your New Frets!

After much research we are now gluing in frets in addition to pressing them as part of a refret and we are gluing and pressing them in our custom made Aperio necks also. This makes for a superior fret job with better tone transfer throughout the wood of the guitar, and far better stability too. [...]

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