Bowes 7 String Stainless Steel Refret

We don't post refret pictorials unless there is something special or unusual about the procedure or the guitar.  Recently we received a Bowes 7 string and the owner wanted a refret with 6100 stainless steel fret wire. A very good choice for this guitar. This guitar is light weight well balanced and the joinery work [...]

Weston Pickups on a relic Tele

Mike Nix playing his Tele with Weston pickups. Mike decided to go with 6105 stainless steel frets and had the work done here at Aperio. It really makes for easy play as his video suggests. Some fine chops there Mike. Thanks.

What size fret wire should I use?

Customers ask me quite often what size stainless steel fret wire should they use. It takes  experience and talking with you the customer to decide. Lets get this out of the way to start. The size of the fret wire has nothing to do with intonation. If the wire is properly crowned during a refret [...]