What About Fender Neck Heel Width?

We have seen a number of discussions on the forums concerning the heel width of Fender necks and what the corresponding width of the pocket in the body is or should be.  So what is the official width of the Fender neck heel?  It is our opinion that it is 2-3/16" = 2.1875 = 55.5625mm. [...]

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Ch-Ch Changes

For all you older rockers, yes I'm one too.  Here is a great article by Christian Wissmuller - actually it is his editorial of this month's MMR magazine. I think you will find it interesting on where the industry is at and where guitar is going. And saying goodbye to the icons that passed already [...]

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Stew Mac Flatters Aperio Guitar

In February 2015 we shipped an order of 10 Aperio neck shims to Jamie Arnett at 21 N Shafer St, Athens, OH 45701. There was something familiar about that address and we looked into it. The shipping and billing address was actually Stewart MacDonald's. Hmm. Excitement! Was Jamie ordering them for himself at Stew Mac's [...]

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