Crate V32 Foot Switch

This has nothing to do with stainless steel refrets or guitar repair. But it will be useful to some. I have a Crate V32 which are little diamonds. Crate built some fine tube amps in these and the V16 before they went bust. They are all tube, can be picked up for a song and [...]

UPS Shipping Price increase

Every couple of years UPS increases their prices or adds on surcharges that either a manufacturer- Service company like us has to eat or pass it on to the customer. UPS is the highest priced shipper at this point in time. FedEx and USPS cost less as a rule. Obviously that can change. USPS and [...]

Steven Tyler on copyrights and royalties

I just came across an article by Steven Tyler on Copyright. He advised Donald Trump to cease and desist in use of his music in his campaign. He went on to say that he and a group of other well known musicians have started what is essentially a lobbyist group to improve and fix copyright [...]