Our current payment processor is Stripe and operates world wide. They are extremely secure and dependable. They are friendly to customers and small business alike.

Stripe Merchant Collections

We have decided to no longer accept payments via Amazon Advanced Payments. It was a feature we offered our customers who do business with Amazon or just felt comfortable using them. In total, Amazon was an insignificant percentage of our sales. Amazon makes it difficult and unwieldy to collect payments from them for small business. We are an honest company and go well above what is required to satisfy our customers in the event of problems with merchandise or payments. We feel Amazon places obstacles in the way of collections for small business that are just a nuisance. I contacted them and they offered no solutions. It’s a bit of a David and Goliath sort of thing. We are saddened to discontinue Amazon payments for the convenience of customers but it is in the best interest of Aperio Guitar to let them go. We will always keep the door open to Amazon should they decide on what we feel is a more reasonable merchant policy.