Spotify Royalties or Lack Of

I just came across an article on Slate about Spotify and how much is paid per song in royalties. If Spotify does well in paid subscribers then bands and musicians can do well based on their projections. In the mean time better keep those gigs happening! Keep those refrets coming too! We all need each [...]

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Fender – Ovation Closes its Only USA Factory

This was gleaned from an article published in April. I forgot where I found it, somewhere on the industry news. ***** Owned by Fender corporation, Ovation has closed its only US factory and is moving to cheaper production facilities in Asia. Sadly, 46 employees will lose their jobs after the company decided to close the [...]

Fender – Ovation Closes its Only USA Factory2015-09-23T17:40:52+00:00

Re-fretting and the Tree of Life

I had a customer inquire the other day about a refret concerning Ibanez Jem guitars with a tree of life inlay. They are fine guitars, some of the best made but from an everyday guitarist point of view they pose some difficulties. If they need to be re-fretted the tree of life can get chipped.  [...]

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