I just had a customer bring in a Gibson B25, about a 1966.  These guitars are bad to the bone. It needed extensive repair. The nut was bad, the saddle was bad, the frets were worn out and the bridge plate needed MAJOR repair or replacement. So we did a refret with 6105 stainless steel fret wire, repaired the nut bridge and added a new handmade bone nut. I tore out the crap quacky under saddle transducer someone added over the years and added a new handmade bone saddle. But before all that we rebuilt the bridge plate without destroying a vintage guitar! Check out the pictorial. Then we added K&K super mini pickups and this guitar kicks butt in a major way!! This thing has the best sound  for a small body guitar you can imagine. I want one!  If you can find one for a decent price you better jump on it. They are going up fast.  Bring it in here for a stainless steel refret and whatever else it needs. The K&K’s are awesome. You will have the guitar of a lifetime! More pics will follow soon!

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