Jackson USA Soloist Restore

I recently received a Jackson Soloist USA vintage 86 that had been carved up pretty badly. The pickup cavities had been hand routed for Humbuckers. The original guitar had three single coils. The owner wanted it restored to it's original configuration. This was an opportunity to use the CNC and do a little carving. I [...]

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Change the Radius or Buy a New Neck?

Another interesting customer question concerning a stainless steel refret and changing the radius of a Fender neck. This customer said she did not like the 7.5 radius on her Fender Vintage neck and wanted to know what I would charge to refret with Stainless Steel and change the radius to 9.5".  I told her that [...]

Change the Radius or Buy a New Neck?2017-07-23T09:40:12+00:00

Gibson B25 Kicks Butt

I just had a customer bring in a Gibson B25, about a 1966.  These guitars are bad to the bone. It needed extensive repair. The nut was bad, the saddle was bad, the frets were worn out and the bridge plate needed MAJOR repair or replacement. So we did a refret with 6105 stainless steel [...]

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