After much research we are now gluing in frets in addition to pressing them as part of a refret and we are gluing and pressing them in our custom made Aperio necks also. This makes for a superior fret job with better tone transfer throughout the wood of the guitar, and far better stability too. It took a lot of effort and investment to determine the best process to use but we persevered until we found the best equipment borrowed from the semiconductor industry and the best glue. When you are ready for a refret, if you don’t come to us, make sure you ask whether the frets will be glued as well as pressed. The glue does not bind to the frets but encapsulates and locks the fret tang, providing a medium to pass string vibrations into the wood by filling the gaps around the barbs of the tang. In addition, the lock helps prevent the frets from rising during the winter months when humidity is so low.