I have had a bunch of Taylors recently for full and partial refretting and am now stocking .080 x .043 alloy for refrets and repairs on these fine guitars.  I have enough stainless for one more Taylor with more on order.  Word has it that Taylor is researching stainless themselves.  It is superior wire but the techniques to install it are different than for alloy, something we have learned to do very well at Aperio!

On the electric side I always stock stainless .110 x .057 which is equivalent to Dunlop 6100. This is the biggest wire and what I prefer, but it is just my personal choice.  I find it is very comfortable and requires a very light touch.  Stainless provides the smoothest bends of all wire.

My new addition is .095 x .047 stainless steel wire.  This is equivalent to Dunlop 6105.  Many people have requested this wire because the 6100 just feels too big to them.  It is a little lower and narrower than the 6100.  There is a rumor going on that it provides better intonation.  Once you understand the physics of wire and intonation you will understand that this is just not true.  Fret wire effect on intonation is provided by point of contact and if the fret is shaped properly all fret wire will provide correct intonation.  Don’t be fooled by mystery mojo and hype as there is plenty of it out there.  If you have questions please contact me.