I can’t say enough here and you’ve already heard it a hundred times. If the humidity gets too low your fret ends may start to appear and it is really bad for guitars with binding on the neck as well as your hands if there is no binding. The wood can crack and all sorts of nasty things can happen. A good humidity level is between 40% and 50%. In winter, without a whole house humidifier, it is difficult to obtain this level because of the indoor heat, but it can be done. I keep my guitar room generally around these levels with a Vick’s vaporizer and a timer from the big box store. But it is lot of trouble to keep it going because it runs out of water all the time. If your instrument does dry out and your fret ends are protruding, bring your guitar in and I will file the ends and smooth them. Then the next time your wood shrinks to the size of a toothpick the fret ends will not protrude! And your guitar will still be playable.  Or you could install a whole house humidifier?