We specialize in Stainless Steel refrets at reasonable prices and all electrical repairs and modifications, bridge re-gluing and bridge plate repair. OUT of STATE Ship to us here


We design and build S-style and T-style necks, Neck Shims to correct pocket depth and unfinished T-style bodies at reasonable prices. We fret our necks with stainless exclusively and drill them for Sperzel, Kluson or Gotoh tuners.


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Anar Isayev played to the House of Representitives in Washington, DC. Anar was traveling at the request of the President of Azerbaijan. He is playing a custom guitar from Aperio Guitar!
Anar was kind enough to make this video demo of the guitar we built to his specs. I must say it sounds good in his hands. Thanks Anar.

Schecter gets a Single coil


I recently had the opportunity to install a middle single coil in a  brand new Schecter Damian Elite. In addition we added a Free way mega switch to give it some real nice switching arrangements.

First […]

  • Aperio Neck Shims

Neck Shims are popular!


To our surprise we see a lot of use coming out of our neck shims! These neck shims were developed to fill a hole so to speak in neck pockets that don’t match necks. That […]

  • Vox Tone Stack Centered

Tube Amp Tone Control Stacks and Settings


With all the modeling going on these days I thought it might be of value to show the transfer curves of the tone stacks in Fender, Marshall and Vox AC30TB tube amps. I hear complaints […]


1996 Paul Reed Smith Refret


Whit is a very good and dedicated guitarist. He brought his PRS in for a refret. This is one of the best sounding guitars I’ve heard in a while. It is very warm but can crank when you dig in on it. […]